General Questions

  • As a Commercial Agent, do I need to be a member in a Commercial Agent association to be able to use

    No, you don't. You need not be a member to be able to use However, as a member, you will receive by email new offers for representations three days before they are published online.

  • Which services are there, and what do the services of cost me?

    As a manufacturer or principal, you can place advertisements for Commercial Agents on The current price list can be found on online at Prices.

  • How and where do I register myself?

    As a Commercial Agent, you will be entered by your association, or you can register yourself here. When there, choose [Register as a Commercial Agent].

    If you are a manufacturer or principal, you can also register yourself free of charge. To register, go to the web page Register and choose [Register as a manufacturer] there.

    Please note: After registering, you have to activate your account. For this, you will receive an email message containing an activation link. You can use the services of only after you have activated your account.

  • I've forgotten my access details (username and password). What can I do?

    If you have forgotten your password, click on "Log in" on the top left and then on the link "Forgotten password?" You can request your details here. If you have forgotten both your username and password, first request your username. The use your username to request a new password.

  • How can I pay at

    You can pay for services by direct debit (in Europe), immediate transfer (in Europe), PayPal, or credit card. For payment, we work with two payment services companies: Worldpay and PayPal. Both are leading providers of electronic payment solutions. This means secure and reliable payment for you.

    Payment in advance and payment by invoice is not possible.

  • How do I receive my invoice?

    To receive your invoices, please log onto and click there on [My ordered services]. There, a list of the services you have ordered during the past half-year will be displayed. You can also download your invoice from this page.

  • I have more questions. Whom can I contact?

    For further questions, please use our contact form. We'll answer you as soon as we can.


  • Placing an advertisement for a commercial agent

    If you are seeking Commercial Agents to sell or distribute your products, you can place an advertisement of an assignment on To do this, click in the navigation on [For companies].

    If are already registered, now log in. If you have not registered for this platform, then please register yourself free of charge as a manufacturer or principal.

    Placing your advertisement needs five steps:
    > Create advertisement
    > Check advertisement
    > Put advertisement in shopping cart
    > Check invoicing address
    > Order at a charge.

    If you do not wish to place the advertisement for an agent yourself, we can gladly do it for you: Advertisement Placement Service.

  • Where and how often can I change my advertisement for a Commercial Agent?
    You can change your advertisement up to three (3) times. To change your advertisement, log in and then click on [My ordered services]. This is where you can deactivate existing advertisements or change them.

  • Can I place an old advertisement again? I'd like to reactivate/reuse an old advertisement.

    Yes, you can. Advertisements that you have placed within the past six months can be found on the page [My ordered services]. Advertisements older than this are not shown there. Using the + symbol, choose the advertisement that you wish to place again.

Entry in the Agents' Directory

  • How can I update or change my entry in the Agents' Directory?

    As a Commercial Agent, you can register at and will then receive representation offers that fit your profile, by email. You will receive an overview of the market. And … when, in addition to your existing profile and portfolio, you choose product groups and targeted customer groups that are interesting to you, you will increase your chances at finding the right representations for you.

    To update or change your entry in the Agents' Directory, click in the navigation on [For Commercial Agent] and log in. Then, in the navigation, choose [Update basic entry].

  • How can I delete my entry in the Agents' Directory?

    If you do not wish to be listed in the Agents' Directory any longer, please contact your association or use the contact form.

  • I don't wish to receive any more push emails with current offers from What can I do?

    Log in to On the page [Update basic entry] you can choose to have the push service, or choose not to.

  • How can I actively inform principals (manufacturers) that I am looking for a new representation?

    Log in to In the navigation, choose "Edit your entry/profile". Now look for Additional Services and choose Advertisement for Seeking a Principal. After you advertise for a principal, principals that have placed an advertisement looking for agents that fit your qualification will be actively informed of your advertisement.