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Eike Koch
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Project management/ consulting, product development, innovation management, procurement, sales


Replace rigid and complicated structures of competition with flexible, efficient, and modular recurring processes. Make project management easy!


“We support them with heart in every area”

Driven by the will to set new standards.  Stets skeptical of existing standards. I am always looking for innovative solutions. The reputation of Eike Koch precedes him numerous technical innovations and design solutions created and managed by EKP are now the standard in the industry.

As an independent partner in consulting, development, design and construction up to project management, as well as purchasing and sales, we bring in our long-standing connections to well-known design offices, producers, dealers and suppliers on their behalf.

We select for you the specialists who understand and internalize your wishes and ensure that your ideas are realized.


“You don’t want to worry about everything – that’s why we do this for them”

From the idea to the design process and production to the market launch at the point of sale, we make our comprehensive know-how available to you.  We are represented at all important trade fairs and establish direct contact with important partners. Most of the customers in our database we have been serving for more than 10 years.

Finding the perfect partner in the field of project management is not a question of luck, but of experience.

The close cooperation with renowned and international partners expands the reach and our service portfolio and ensures that we can find fast flexible solutions for you.

Trust in our many years of experience.


“We develop innovative solutions”

EKP is unique because ….

. we offer innovative solutions

. because quality is very important to us

. we are close to the market

. we have detailed and extensive knowledge of the procurement and manufacturer market

. how reliable we are we keep our promises!

. humanity is very important to us. we are associated with trust. . Experience Service and Relationship

. because we are open, and our calculations are disclosed to the customer

. because we are creative and find more creative solutions for our customers than others


The value of a brand should be preserved – or increased.

. In 2.  Generation (over 30 years) consulting and sales in the field of kitchen and table

. 10 years of experience in retail (Koch-Shop Hertie, Karstadt)

. 5 years of experience in a leading position in a globally active group in sales and marketing (FMCG industry)

. 22 years itself. Entrepreneur, internationally active in the field of purchasing (10 countries), sales (16 countries), project/innovation management.

REFERENCES (excerpt):

As a self-employed person, we were the first to develop and sell the following ourselves at 3 retailers (discount, supermarket, DIY store in 16 countries):

  1. Discount:            Brand concept (> 40 articles – duration 8 years) and private label novelties for food and table culture (12         articles – duration up to 7 years)
  2. Supermarket:   Private label concept for cookware (> 20 items – duration > 4 years)
  3. DIY store:            Christmas market concept (> 1000 items – duration 4 years)

Sales were in the double-digit million range in 12 years, peaking at up to € 8 million / year. We are the owner of the industrial property rights for articles & trademarks at 1. All articles developed by us under 1. have been advertised internationally. We have received all orders except one item, some over 11 years. The risk of product development at 1.+2. lay with us and was pre-financed by us. In 20 years of self-employment, there was no negative press, no significant quality problems, no project with advertising deadline postponements or recalls. The complaint rate was below 1%.

As a manager, I have successfully set up a new tobacco HORECA sales force in Germany with over 60 employees as the responsible national representative.

The idea came from me and for the implementation I received the Go from the board.


Art: through its own collecting activity for over 30 years and that of parents who own a private museum, relationships are maintained with the following market participants in 2 generations: artists, dealers, gallery owners, collectors, auction houses, media, associations, cluns and museums.

Industry: Manufacturers in the household sector in over nine countries

Trade: Wholesaler for non-food , with and without plug with a focus on the kitchen , wholesalers for food, Retail with a focus on discount, supermarket, DIY store, overstock trade

Service: Agencies for communication, concepts (brand, packaging/ advertising), designers, photographers, lawyers for industrial property law & distribution law & art law, testing institutes, logistics companies, packaging companies, store & shop setters for electrified & digital furnishing systems

The contacts usually exist with owners, managing directors or top decision-makers of the purchasing department (usually authorized signatories)

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