sale of customized industrial machinery parts

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Commercial for the sale of customized industrial machinery parts

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 We are a Czech company operating in the field of engineering and providing customized technological solutions. Our customers are mainly companies in the automotive industry, but also manufacturers of power systems, cooling systems, plastic and metal stamping plants, etc., such as Škoda Auto, Bosch, Mareli, Denso, Valeo, Adient, Faurecia, Magna , Mubea, etc. Our team is made up of 20 professionals in 2 branches.

In the Spanish market, we are looking for a salesperson who, together with the support of our design and engineering department, is in charge of the sale of:

Customized machinery parts (off plan).

Replacement parts.

Technological components.

Mechanical assemblies and devices etc.


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Technik:  Maschinen, Industrieausrüstung: Chemie, Maschinen, Industrieausrüstung: Armaturen, Maschinen, Industrieausrüstung: Industrieanlagen, Maschinen, Industrieausrüstung: Regelungstechnik (MSR-Technik), Maschinen, Industrieausrüstung: Präzisionswerkzeuge, Messtechnik, Maschinen, Industrieausrüstung: Pumpen, Verdichter, Maschinen, Industrieausrüstung: Sonderwerkzeuge, Bohrer, Fräser, Maschinen, Industrieausrüstung: Technische Öle, Fette

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Verbrauchermarkt, Großhandel


Catalonia, Basque Country, Navarre, Aragon, Madrid