French home fragrance company

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Commercial agent for a French home fragrance company

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 The French Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona supports the French company Collines de Provence in its search for a commercial agent. Collines de Provence is a high-end company that positions itself as a botanical perfumer. Collines de Provence manufactures and markets various ranges including home fragrances, Mikado air fresheners and scented candles developed and manufactured in Provence. Collines de Provence offers 3 ranges with a strong identity for each of them: the first is a natural and timeless universe, the second is a universe of perfume and color and the third range is part of a more feminine universe with perfume for textiles. It is a well-established brand in the French market that has collaborated with large distributors such as Monoprix. The products offered are made with at least 95% ingredients of natural origin developed with an eco-responsible approach.

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Wohnambiente:  Geschenkartikel, Hausgerätetech. (weiße W.), Lampen, Leuchten, Installationsartik., Haushaltsbedarf, Innenausstattung, Wohnaccessoires

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Verbrauchermarkt, Großhandel


Catalonia, La Rioja, Aragon, Valencian Community, Castilla-Leon and Madrid