Sales representative

ID: 34098

We are looking for a sales representative working as an agent for our brands Cavaliere, Cavaliere Femme and Celebrate.

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Cavaliere is a company which started in Sweden 50 years ago. It is still family owned with our own manufacturing in Czech Republic. Head office is in the textile hub of Sweden, Borås. 

CELEBRATE- North Germany

Cavaliere has been on the German market since 2010 and we are now looking for an agent for our Celebrate Collection in North part of Germany. Today we have a running business in this area, with clients who worked with us for more than 10 years. Though we are sure with the right representative we can grow a lot. 


We are now planning to launch our business part, with a strong NOS program as well as seasonal collections, for both Men and Women. Today we are very limited in this part of our Collection in Germany, but with a strong grow in nabour countries we are sure this could also be welcomed in Germany. Classic tailoring, were we work with high quality in manufacturing as well as fabrics, we can offer a Scandinavian/(Italian style collection but with a more reasonable price. 


Sortimente und Produkte

Fashions, Sports, Accessories:  Hochzeitskleider, Umstandsmode, Abendgarderobe, Herren- und Knabenoberbekleidung, Damenoberbekleidung, Arbeitsbekleidung, Berufsbekleidung, Schutzbekleidung

Kundenkreise und Zielgruppen

Verbrauchermarkt, Einzelhandel (filialisiert), Einzelhandel (nicht filialisiert), Fachhandel, Großhandel


North part of Germany or all Germany