Important company in the public playgrounds sector

ID: 34068

Self-employed commercial agent for an important company in the public playgrounds sector, etc...

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 Silmar offers its clients: marketing, installation, maintenance of certified playgrounds, rubber safety flooring, sports structures, thermoplastics, street furniture, automated self-cleaning public toilets...

We have delegations in several provinces of the Catalan and Spanish territory. The company needs to cover several areas of Catalonia and Spain (to be specified).

What are we looking for:

Autonomous commercial agent, which is already active and introduced, with other or similar products, in the municipalities.

It is ESSENTIAL to have contacts, experience and client portfolio in TOWN HALLS (mayors, councilors, municipal technical departments and municipal brigades).

At the same time, the products can also be directed to: schools, nurseries, campsites, hotels, summer camps, sports environments.



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