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The Brand Company is a company with a long history in the advertising gift sector. In order to show the benefits of water in cartons, we created La Diosa del Agua, which the market began to ask us for as a finished product mainly for European hotels.
Today Diosa del Agua is a premium, sustainable water brand, Packaged in a brik whose objective is the optimal protection of the product, high quality microfiltered water, without impurities, while protecting the planet since it is made with more 70% renewable raw materials. All this accompanied by a striking and original design that stands out on the shelf. A lively and versatile brand with special editions and design changes maintaining the Goddess of Water concept. Water in cartons, in 33cl and 50cl formats, keeps water fresh for longer.
It is currently on sale with great success on Amazon and in some points (cafes, hotels, etc.).

Sortimente und Produkte

Nahrungsmittel, Weine, Spirituosen:  Alkoholfreie Getränke

Kundenkreise und Zielgruppen

Verbrauchermarkt, Großhandel


Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland