Home automation and system integration

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Commercial for home automation and system integration

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We are a company located in Lleida that works in Catalonia and Aragon and we want to increase the presence of our company in any of these markets.

We are integrators of air conditioning and lighting systems from the manufacturer Schneider Electric, we offer turnkey projects regarding the integration of these systems. In other words, we offer the electronics and sensors, the electrical panel, the installation, the programming and the final start-up of the building. Our main type of client is service building (both public and private) of medium to large size.

For this we want to collaborate with someone who is already in the facilities sector or has experience in it through a commercial contract.

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Technik:  Elektrische Antriebstechnik, Elektronische Bauelemente, elektrotechnische Bauelemente, Haustechnik, Gebäudesystemtechnik, Installationstechnik, Verbindungstechnik, Fahrzeuge: Kraftfahrzeuge, Kfz-Ausrüstung, Fahrzeuge: Sonderfahrzeuge, Nutzfahrzeuge, Spezialfahrzeuge

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Catalonia and Aragon