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Freenlance Commercial branch Computer science / technology

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Cybersecurtity company from Barcelona, looking for an independent commercial, with experience and / or a portfolio of clients in the Technology field (computing and industry), to sell Cybersecurity services and training. The end costumer is any type of company, but we also seek distribution deals with computer companies in general, web pages, industrial consultancies, training academies for companies and individuals, etc ...

Conditions: High commission income, and long-term bonus plan. 

Obligations: Sell directly or through distributors, all our products and services. We will provide training, but a broad technology base is needed.

Don´t panic about cybersecurity. We need someone with a technological base, and we will support them via training and technical-commercial will close deals.

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Papier, Verpackung, Büro:  EDV-Hardware, Peripherie, Internet, IT, EDV-Software

Technik:  Arbeitsschutz, Brandschutz, Sicherheitstechnik

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All Spain