KS Control Automatic transport solutions from the truck

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KS Control designs and builds automatic moving forklifts and shuttles for truck loading and unloading and in-plant transport.


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Our products are automatic forklifts and transport shuttles.

iLifter KS 

We automate the loading and unloading from the truck up to the transport loads of 10 t

from the parking place with our automatically moving forklifts. The loading and unloading of trucks from the side and from the back is one of our main fields of activity.

Automatic loading and unloading of general cargo avoids personnel bottlenecks and ensures further tracking of goods without repeated barcode checks by reading the barcode on the general cargo once via the camera. With laser-controlled routing and camera-supported storage location recognition, the forklift can temporarily store unit loads centrally near the picking station in line or block storage on demand.


iLifter KS features

- Heavy loads up to 10 t

- 360° laser space navigation

- State-of-the-art camera technology and LIDAR object recognition

- 4x safety laser systems for collision avoidance and personal safety

- Safety control via Safety Wireless Ethernet

- Networked with iMCS KS and fault alarm system

- Battery management (optionally lithium ion or lead-acid batteries)

- Contactless charging function and efficient battery management

- 4-wheel dynamic steering system 

- Hydro-pneumatic level compensation

- Automatic fork width adjustment

- Automatic and manual operation

iShuttle KS

To meet a wide range of requirements, the iShuttle KS makes use of a modular system. Possible setups include roller conveyors, plateau carts, lift tables, push & pull function for goods transfer, as well as belt and chain conveyors, all with permanent loads of up to 5 tons.

iShuttle KS features 

- Robust, modular design 

- Choice of 2D laser navigation or line guided control 

- 2x safety laser systems for collision avoidance and personal safety 

- Power supply with state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries 

- Contactless charging function and efficient battery management 

- Scalable through integration of several conveyor vehicles as a fleet solution 

- Networking with iMCS KS 

- Low investment and operating costs 

- Maintenance-friendly design 

- Easy integration into existing systems and infrastructures

Our goals are:

- Automate loading and unloading processes of trucks

- Improve internal material flow

- Optimize load tracking

- Avoid errors in the material flow

- Reduce personnel deployment

- Increase safety

Product Ranges and Products

Engineering:  Electrical drive engineering, Machinery, Vehicles: Special vehicles, commercial vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, Warehousing and storage technology

Miscellaneous:  Logistics, forwarding, hauling, transport, storage, Other specialties

Customers and Target Groups

Chemical industry, varnishes, lacquers, paints, Engineering firms, company of consulting engineers, Engineers, Forwarders, haulers, transport, logistics, Mechanical engineering, plant construction, apparatus engineering, Metal industry, Other, Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical technology industry, Property developers, general contractors, Specialised retail trade, Wholesale

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