Arkal - Automotive Subcontracting

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In the last 20 years Arkal has developed as a subcontractor for plastic injection molding with machines ranging from 300-2800 clamping forces


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Over the last 20 years, Arkal has developed as a plastic injection molding subcontractor with machine range from 300-2800 clamping forces and global presence.

We can produce Build to Print according to customer requirements or offer turnkey solutions from project management and tooling to production

Product Ranges and Products

Construction:  Rainwater recycling and use

Engineering:  Supplier industry: Injection moulding, Supplier industry: Moulded parts from plastic, polymers, rubber, Vehicles: Aeroplanes, aircraft, equipment, accessories, Vehicles: Bicycle, motorcycle, bicycle equipment, spare parts, accessories, Vehicles: Motorized vehicles, motor vehicle equipment, Vehicles: Special vehicles, commercial vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, Vehicles: Water vehicles, boats, equipment, accessories

Home and Living:  Furniture parts, furniture components, Garden furniture

Customers and Target Groups

Aircraft construction, rail vehicle construction, military technology, Electrical industry and electronic industry, Hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, Medical supply stores, Other, Plastics and polymers industry, Vehicle industry, automotive, commercial vehicle construction

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