Rum Sublima

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Rum sublima are rums with fresh fruit that are macerated for 2 months in the bottle. The drinks are soft and pleasant in the mouth


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I'm Miguel Lopes from Sublimatum. We produce rum with fresh fruit inside the bottle. The fruits are macerated for 2 months in the bottle before marketing.

We produce in Portugal in Porto.

Our agricultural white rum comes from a distillery on the Island of Madeira. Fruits from producers in Portugal.

Our fruity rums are sweet and pleasant on the palate.

You can visit our website

Our fruity rums have an alcohol content between 23% to 24% at the moment, but we will produce fruity rums at 32%.

We have produced 6 flavors:

strawberry basil

vanilla maracuja manga

vanilla caramel pineapple

ice mint and ginger

Red fruit

caramel vanilla

And we're going to pull out a bottle of 45% white rum.

We are looking for commercial agents to spread our brand in the country.

If you are interested in selling our bottles, you can send an email to I will send you a presentation.

Thank you.

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