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Deutsch-Ungarische Industrie- und Handelskammer
02/19/2017 | Handelsvertreter für einen ungarischen Produzent im Bereich Verpackungsindustrie gesucht.

J. Knittel Söhne GmbH
02/19/2017 | Für unsere AVIA Tankstelle in 36124 Eichenzell suchen wir eine/n engagierte/n Tankstellenunternehmer/in.

ENIKA.CZ s.r.o.
02/19/2017 | Handelsvertreter gesucht – Steuerungssysteme und elektronische Komponenten für die Lichtsteuereung, Industrie- und Gebäudeautomation!

Key 22283
02/19/2017 | Arbeitskleidungshersteller sucht Handelsvertreter zum Ausbau des Kundenstammes in Deutschland und Europa!

Hossner-Heimtex GmbH
02/18/2017 | Handelsvertreter(in) für Heimtextilien in Süddeutschland gesucht Schwerpunkt: Tischwäsche, Tischläufer, Kissenhüllen

DORMA Hüppe Raumtrennsysteme GmbH + Co. KG
02/17/2017 | Kauf.-techn. Vertriebsmitarbeiter als freier Handelsvertreter (m/w) für die Firma DORMA Hüppe Raumtrennungssysteme GmbH + Co. KG

Key 22275
02/17/2017 | Führender italienischer Hersteller von Kunststoffbehältern sucht Vertreter am Anfang März für Begleitung auf wichtige Messe aus dem Sektor.

Premium Nestmann Vertriebs GmbH
02/17/2017 | Suchen Handelsvertreter mit Kontakt im Sanitärgroßhandel // Berlin u. Brandenburg

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CDH IUCAB is part of the international platform–an international platform for establishing international business relations between Commercial Agents and manufacturers/suppliers from all over the world–,which is supported by IUCAB and their national Commercial Agents associations.

Jobs for Commercial Agents

“Seeking a Commercial Agent” — these days, this is what many companies are saying. Here at, there are a variety of jobs for Commercial Agents. Both companies and commercial agencies regularly look for agents here with us, placing advertisements at their own expense to expand their sales and distribution networks. We support them in this with various models according to their needs.

The difference between travelling sales representatives and Commercial Agents

Commercial Agents are self-employed entrepreneurs who are active in B2B sales in virtually all industry sectors. They act as brokers for goods between businesses at all levels of the economy. In contrast to travelling salespeople, they work on a commission basis, thus sparing their represented companies the fixed sales costs that accrue with employees. Besides acting purely as brokers, Commercial Agents offer a variety of services; for example, technical consulting and development work, representation at exhibitions and trade fairs, conducting and supervising special promotions, and processing complaints. Unlike travelling sales representatives, Commercial Agents often represent several companies. This means they possess deep knowledge of the markets and competition, and are able to give extensive advice to their principals when it comes to products and sales strategies.

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Then place an advertisement today and find the Commercial Agent who's just right for you. Because thousands of Commercial Agents have already registered with us, the chances are good that the right one is available for you. Through our email push service, suitable Commercial Agents are automatically informed of your placed advertisement — three days before the ad is published online. Also take advantage of our combination offer with your advertisement both online at and in the print edition of the H&V Journal.