Paper straws producer based in Bulgaria.

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All products are 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable - materials used are 100% foodcontact certified.

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We are paper straw producer based in Varna, Bulgaria. We strongly believe in replacing the standard plastic drinking straws as they are rated 11th most found plastic waste in the oceans. Our paper straws are recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable made from 100% food certified materials. The inks and the glue used in our production are 100% food certified. Recently our paper straws were certified by the most renowned German laboratory Isega. The straws comply with all European laws for being in food contact.

Why paper straws are really GREAT:

– They are made of paper. Paper is natural sustainable, biodegradable and renewable material. The urban myth paper is just reckless logging is just not true. All paper mills make their paper from certified forests, especially planted for the paper industry and they replant more trees than they cut.

– The paper straws can be easily recycled together with normal paper and board. It would be hard to collect it for recycling BUT if it goes to the ocean, the straw will degrade in several weeks. Should it go to the environment it will degrade in couple of months. Much better than its plastic sister, wоuldn’t you say? 

– The paper straws are made of 100% certified materials for food contact. When you buy paper straws make sure they are produced with accordance of all food standards! Just enjoy your favorite drink, with your favorite straw, just like you have done for years, without being worried your straw would take part in the global warming and Earth pollution.

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